Recently financed… in the Printing Industry

December 19, 2023

At Sheppex, we believe in the personal touch, so you work with just one point of contact, who knows you, your business and the industry.

Here are a few of the flexible financial solutions our specialist has negotiated for companies operating in the Printing sector over the last few months – organising the investment they needed to expand their businesses.

NEW Commercial Inkjet Printing Press

Terms: Hire Purchase – repayment period of 84 months with VAT only deposit

  • Investment arranged for a large print house operating a print facility including lithographic and digital long run presses, lamination, die-cutting and perfect binding equipment, based in the North East.
  • The acquisition of new machines to replace existing presses on finance, allows the company to run two shifts, with a saving of c£5k a month on plates and consumables on their current machine.
  • The business will also gain an extra 1 million impressions compared to their existing machines, which they can sell at an increased margin.
  • The VAT only deposit allowed the client to use its cash reserves to build an extension to the factory to house the new machines.

NEW Mimaki UCJV300-160 Printer, Mimaki CJV300-160 Printer, JWEI J-Cut Pro-2131 Cutting Table and Easymount Laminator

Terms: Hire Purchase – 60 months repayment period and 3 months VAT deferral

  • Funding finalised for a business specialising in producing and installing bespoke branding solutions.
  • Investment made to replace some older 1.6-meter printers, essential for use on a new refurbishment contract.
  • The acquisitions through CMYUK, also allowed cutting and routing production to be brought in-house, saving c£4k subcontracting costs per month.
  • A three-month VAT deferral was applied to support the client’s cashflow.

NEW Digital Narrow Format Sheetfed Printer

Terms: Finance Lease – 1 monthly repayment deposit with 59 months repayment period

  • Financed for a London-based paper merchant and converter for the purchase of an additional press, as their current machine was operating at full capacity.
  • The new machine runs at almost twice the speed of the current aging press and offers a superior print quality and is less costly to run.
  • The repayment structure negotiated had a minimal to no negative impact on the client’s cashflow, due to a saving of c£1,500 per month in click charge alone (associated maintenance and support), without factoring in other cost savings and increase in production output.

NEW JWEI-J-Cut Pro-1625 Cutting Table

Terms: Hire Purchase – 48 months repayment period

  • Competitive finance arranged for a family run business specialising in designing, producing and installing bespoke branding solutions.
  • The rationale behind the purchase… the company was subcontracting out certain flat sheet work at a cost of c£5k per month in costs, which, after winning a new contract would run to c£25k in subcontract costs.
  • The sound economic option was therefore to invest in a new cutter, supplied by CMYUK, thereby bringing the process in-house and eliminating these costs.


For all these finance agreements, our customers worked with just one point of contact, from beginning to end – meaning they and you, receive the knowledge of one of our printing industry specialists, one who knows your industry, the equipment and its suppliers… and more than that, understands your needs.

Sheppex has an experienced team who has worked in and with the industry for many years, developing relationships with manufacturers, distributors and clients alike.

Matthew Gilbert

Luke Mulligan

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